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Sticky Date Pudding.

Sticky Date PuddingSticky Date Pudding

Okay, okay…here’s the promised Sticky Date Pudding recipe! Up close & personal!

Just one more sweet, nurturing treat before the warmth of summer is upon us…

On the back of last week’s Saturday fun recipes, Chocolate Ganache & Russian Caramel Sauce, requests have been pouring in for the best Sticky Date pudding in the world!!!

Who am I to argue :))? It is tried & true though, thoroughly tested in all sorts of professional & private kitchens…

Looking back over the previous 2 weeks of recipes, it seems as if we are on a roll, focusing only on sweet  things.  It’s not true, it’s not true! We certainly love them, but our favourites are definitely savoury.

For now however, we will continue down the dessert path…after all, they are Celebration Saturday yummy ideas to play with!!


So…Sticky Date Pudding!

2 cups dates & 1½ cups water…stew on stove 10-15 mins.(until water evaporated & dates squishy)

1½ tspns. bi-carb soda & 90g.butter…add to date mix

3 eggs & 1¾ cups sugar…beat together

2¼ cups S.R. flour…fold into egg mix & combine both

Big handful of walnuts (chopped or whole)…sprinkle on bottom of greased tin or individual moulds

Cook mod. Oven (180*) or till skewer comes out almost clean…


Now serve with luscious Russian Caramel Sauce from last Celebration Saturday’s post

To make it extra special, rough chop a few dates & some walnuts, stir through warm caramel sauce, & pile on top…a visual delight as well as a taste sensation!

Serve with your favourite sort of cream, or even better, ice-cream, to cut through the sweetness of it all. Also the contrast between, the hot & the cold, the rich & the silky, is to-die-for.

You could try serving the pudding with brandy custard for a bit of a scrumptious change…


And, at Food That Sings, we use this recipe to make Fig, Pecan & Ginger cake, or pudding. (What’s in a name?…depends on how you present it, right?)

Just replace dates with figs, & walnuts with pecans, & add 1 heaped tspn. of powdered ginger to mixture…

You should taste fresh figs folded through that caramel sauce…OMG!

We also make ours on gluten free flour, which works brilliantly. So a whole lot more grateful people get to sample your wares. You can make many variations, like adding chopped crystallized ginger pieces.

So there you go good people…2 recipes for the price of one.

All versions freeze & heat superbly, so have a baking-fest, slice up those bad boys into desired sizes, & stick into the freezer for untold sneaky bits of almost healthy goodness, (it’s just fruit!) whenever the mood washes over you. Or whenever you have unexpected guests :))

Actually, without the sauce, it makes a pretty good lunch-box snack. Or picnic food….


  1. That looks so delicious! Going to try making that this weekend for hubby and I 🙂 Thanks for sharing

    • Hey Camille…it is delicious, in all it’s versions, & really so simple! Once you’ve done it a couple of times it will become a life-long friend :)) cheers xx

  2. Oh I can’t wait to try this – it looks amazing !!!

    • Yes Kim, it’s easy & it’s yummy…an old firm favourite, often requested.
      Funny isn’t it…that we often go back to tasty, warm comfort food?
      Back to nurturing….xx

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