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Sugar vs. Honey…what’s your choice?

Sugar verses Honey 

Tuesday Tales…Product Info.

So you want to substitute honey for sugar….! It all depends on “what for?”

There’s lots of interesting chatter about sugar these days, guess there has been for quite some time now. We thought a little product information may be useful.

Personally, we here at FTS are definitely on a mission to reduce our sugar intake, so the more knowledge we get, the more choices we have.  I reckon if we find just one or two little gems out of all the reports that come our way, we can be primed for intelligent & tasty eating.

Thanks to Uzzi/Master Chef, we found this research very helpful, hope you do too!


Sugar is….

*a sweetener

*adds volume when beaten (creaming)

*creates tenderness by influencing gluten formation

* a structural ingredient that makes the texture

*a colouring agent (browning)

*hygroscopic (attracts & holds moisture)

*a preservative


Honey is….

*a flavour (depends on what plant it came from)

*sweeter than sugar…13 tblspns.=200g sugar(small cup)

…remove 30mls. liquid in recipe

*acidic, so add a pinch of bicarb soda (unless the recipe has sour cream, buttermilk or yoghurt)

*hygroscopic (attracts & holds moisture)

*cannot aid structure (denser texture)

*browns/burns fast


Ingredients substitution can be a bit hit-and-miss, but if you are prepared for a product with a little heavier texture, give it a shot. It’s fun to experiment…

Perhaps you could start with slices…for lunch boxes, after school energy boosters, a quick snack when a friend drops around for a cuppa, that cheeky little morsel to stave off those sweet cravings after dinner.  Seriously, cut them into bite-sized pieces & stick them in the freezer…so very handy for many occasions.

You’ll be so glad you did, & everybody will love you :))

We use this glorious natural product where ever we can substitute….so much better for you, in our humble opinion…

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  1. Nice! I never really thought about replacing sugar with honey in recipes. I typically use it in tea.

    • Thanks for stopping by Liz…yes, honey is such a good, natural product. Not to many processes to get to us!! Gotta love that! :))

    • Glad you liked it Megan…thanks so much for taking the time, to read, to comment & to enjoy! Breakfast is the best!

  2. Great article with an amazing explanation. And it is very clear and useful too. Thank you for sharing your great thoughts with us.

    • Thank you. Glad you got something valuable out of this interesting topic…we MUST save out bees!!!

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