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Sunshine Coast, our little piece of paradise!



Our Little Piece Of Paradise…right here on the Sunny Coast 

Look at this! Right next to the Big Pineapple markets….you couldn’t get much closer in food miles!

How fortunate are we to have such fresh resources dotted so plentifully between our coast & our range? From the honesty boxes & road-side stalls, to the avenues of gorgeous displays within the large organized markets. From the ocean to the fisheries that line the Spit, our seaside cafes, fish & chip shops & restaurants.

To market, to market to buy a fresh fig,

Home again, home again… know the rest 🙂

Providing it’s not bucketing down, & depending on whoever is not committed elsewhere, our family meet around 8.30am.ish every Saturday morning, at the local farmers markets. We have coffee, breakfast if needed, fresh juice & taste tests. We share this tactile experience, the flavours, textures, suppliers, know-how etc. across 3 generations. That’s pretty awesome stuff….


Not only is our region exquisitely beautiful, it is also blessed with a fertile environment, which in turn, ignites & sustains a plethora of weekend markets. These outlets for our dedicated primary producers not only serve to feed our families well, they also allow us at Food That Sings to put quality ingredients on our clients plates.

From farm to fork, or vertical integration as it’s becoming known. From seeds & planting, nurturing, harvesting, to preserving, packaging & presenting, with little or no interference….the fruit of a future story. Our bustling farmers markets offer a life-force of freshness, low food miles, nutrients, shapes & colours intact, the stuff of healthy happiness.


It’s a stimulating activity, this great way to start a weekend, knowing the weekly supply of fresh produce is procured,  anticipating what gorgeous food we will most likely partake in sometime during the week, perhaps even which dish we will be responsible for providing at the Thursday evening combined family dinner.

Some on-the-spot menu planning…. it all depends on what’s seasonal, abundant, what looks awesome, what challenges or extends us. Let the momentum be created by the surrounding stimulus …what’s lush, ripe, juicy, full? What can we do with that?

It’s a lively activity, discovering new stall holders, new products, listening to the musicians, giving the little tackers coins to toss into instrument cases, teaching & sharing, keeping up with all the general chit-chat.

Loose, friendly co-ordination to get it all done, for 3 separate families, before we scoot off to the weekly soccer game, in which we have 2 littlies on the team.


For me, it’s a precious activity. It’s taking time out of each of our busy lives, to get together regularly. By making this a silent commitment each Saturday, we honour & affirm gratitude in each other, & in the importance of belonging.

To do this at the markets, we show our little ones how to be in touch with all of our senses, we encourage a love & diversity of food, it’s journey & it’s preparation, we promote good health & conscious choices, we celebrate our rich, everyday world, & in doing so, hopefully help set a good example for the next generations in so many unspoken ways.


Out there in the fresh air, amongst all those sensations, it’s a small, most enjoyable step. Regarding our personal footprint, it’s a humble nudge in strengthening our awareness, confidence & knowledge for many moons to come.

If you would like to take a closer look at what our little piece of paradise has to offer, check out

These guys do awesome work with some fascinating behind the scenes discoveries.

We pay respect to our hard-working, early-rising, primary producing dedicated folk…they feed our tummies with yumminess & swell our souls with sustenance.

Our Little Piece Of Paradise…right here on the Sunny Coast 


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