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Wednesday Walking & Waste…

The Sustainable Approach!

For the past few years here at Food That Sings, we have been trying to practice a sustainable approach. We have been trying to be aware of our usage.  Of the amount of plastic we use, the water we run, the landfill we acquire, the power we go through.

It occurs to me that we in the hospitality industry, use excessive amounts of these valuable & fragile resources, & that we really do need to address these practises.


We have tried to implement conservatory alternatives, like reminding each other when we return to our unconscious conditioning, or give a little nudge when we forget in our haste.

Applaud one another when we come up with some core-saving action, & collectively cheer when we create a smaller footprint in any way.  Just be more aware.

But this new approach takes time…the undo-ing of our learned behaviours will take a while for us to replace.


As urgent as this required action is, we were previously taught this perpetual, acceptable model over several generations.

And whilst we know we MUST make the appropriate changes, it will take us a few moments to adjust, precious moments of education, awareness & reform. It’s quite stimulating really!


We recently heard about a TAFE in Victoria who is teaching culinary apprentices not just how to cook, but also how to improve sustainable practises in the hospitality industry.

Now that’s exciting!

Among many other inspiring business strategies, their “life cycle” thinking aims to minimise environmental impact through conscious effective choices.

That saves money all round, as well as saving our home here on earth, so it’s got to be good!

A win-win activity to be applauded & encouraged.


It’s our young people who will be the leaders of tomorrow, so it is awesome that intelligent foresight has finally been acknowledged…& acted upon.

Congratulations guys!  Let’s see much more of it! Put our shoulder to the wheel & spread this essential seed.
What we need is urgency, action, commitment & responsibility in our own respective work environment, combined with diligence & awareness in our leisure hours, to turn this old-school thinking on its head for good!

If you would like to find out more about this innovative practise contact The Gordon Culinary School in Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

The Gordon sustainability case study (950.93KB)

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