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The 3 top secrets to awesome lasagne!

Lasagne! The 3 top secrets to awesome lasagne!lasagne
Tonight we need something hearty & substantial, healthy & scrumptious. Something quick & easy, comforting & warm.

And besides, it’s the birthday boys favourite, requested.

So here we have the secrets to awesome lasagne!

With a bit of prep work done before hand, you can just pop it in the oven when the time comes, make a little salad & have a glass of red.lasagne

There’s a squillion variations of this dish that we all know & love. It’s highly flexible with regard to adding you own spin, like your families favourite ingredients. It can be vegetarian, turkey or chicken lasagne, traditional beef, or even veal.

We always use fresh lasagne sheets…it’s one of the key secrets of a lasagne people talk about. Another is top-shelf mince!

But today we are making ours gluten-free…you can have a packet of pre-made sheets handy in the pantry.eggplant

Cook off your garlic & onion as you would for a Bolognese sauce, add mince, brown it off, stirring until all broken up.  In goes tomatoes, tomato paste,(tomato sauce works well here instead if you prefer) & seasoning, adjust to suit your palette. You may like fresh herbs or mushrooms.

We like ours to taste big & bold, so add a generous splash of red & let it simmer for as long as possible.lasagne
Eggplants are plentiful at the moment, so I’m going to throw some thick slices onto the sandwich press for a quick grilling. And maybe some zucchinis too! (It’s such a handy little kitchen gadget, one of my preferred few.)
Quick tip…
If making yours vegetarian, you can treat all of your vegetables in this way. It keeps them all flatish, & gives them a more robust flavour. Saves using pans & washing up as well… a sandwich press rules!
tomatoes & basilQuick Tip…
You can leave your meat sauce & the pasta sheets out altogether if you wish, & just use grilled eggplant slices as the layer-alternative. It then becomes a g/f vegetable stack :))
Now make your white sauce (keeping thin, like pouring cream) & toss in a handful of grated cheese if you like…we use parmesan, pepper, salt.

And if you need to keep it lactose-free, you can use a variety of milks, like rice or soy for example.
Now let’s see…lasagne sheets, meat sauce, or grilled veggies, white sauce, & cheese.garlic

Put it altogether, layer upon layer, in your baking dish.

A little sauce on the bottom helps the pasta sheets absorb & swell so it doesn’t remain as firm after cooking. (We use white sauce ’cause it costs less to produce & is easier to lift out upon serving.)
Whichever sauce you have the most of will do the job nicely, & then build from there, repeating your layers until you run out.

Finish with white sauce & then grate a sprinkling of parmesan, tasty cheese, or both, over the top.lasagne

Let’s recap…the 3 top secrets to awesome lasagne…

  1. Use quality mince.
  2. Use fresh pasta sheets.
  3. Keep both sauces wet.

A few more tips: As it’s all to your personal taste you can be quite free. In general though, approximately 1 kg. of mince for every 1 litre of white sauce & 1 litre of passata (tomato sauce mixture.) That’s also about 1 onion, 1 tin of tomatoes, 1/4 cup wine & 1/4 cup tomato sauce.

Makes one large baking dish.

So there you go! Well done! It’s now ready to pop in the fridge for when you get home from work, or into the oven if you want it ready in an hour or so…lasagne

  1. The best lasagna maker in the world, in my opinion… One of my favourite mumma dishes ????????

    • God love your little biased opinion :)) Thanks Shimmi….. I love that we have a few special old favs. that will stand the test of time.
      And thankyou so much for taking the time out of your busy world to comment. Love you xxx

  2. It looks and sounds sooooo delicious! Next time can we have your dairy free version. Xox

    • Hello lovely, yes of course you can have a dairy-free version. There’s a few suggestions of alternative milks in the post. Just try it with your preferred type. There are also quite a few dairy-free cheeses available now too. And we would love your feedback Suzie, as always xxxx

  3. Best lasagne on the planet Mambo.. yummy..!!

    • Lol…yep, a firm family favourite!! I thought with a chuckle last night, of 4 different families of loved ones all eating my lasagne for dinner on the same night. Serious comfort food. Thanks Dayne, with love xx I nearly called the post Mambo’s Lasagne, lol.

  4. I was the lucky recipient of one of Roni’s delightful Lasagne’s last night… I am still smiling on the inside… Great food, fantastic company and some good red wine – bellissimo!
    I think I will try to make a replica lasagne, heeding the good advice given in this post, but I just know that it wont be as good as Roni’s , because Roni has a secret ingredient that she has not disclosed in her recipe… she also pours a great big amount of love into everything she makes!

    • Ohhhh, aren’t you an angel Pamela!!! Thankyou…. Yes & thank YOU for a lovely evening.
      Love makes everything taste better, we can all do that :)) xx

  5. Such a visual and flavor delight!!! You Rick Roni!

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