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The Secret of Devilled Eggs…

The Secret of Devilled Eggs…

A cute addition to our Kitchen Conversations series from our friend Rhiannon.

And, yes we are still accepting stories from our generous readers, so would love to hear your tale….. Do you have experiences from the kitchen you’d like to share with us?

I am a self-professed foodie, with a definite love for anything sweet, salty, or generally bad for your health. However, one of my favourite foods to make (and eat) is the all too simple devilled egg. It’s one of my favourites, not because I love the perfect blend of mayonnaise and egg yolk, but because my Nana taught me how to make them when I was at her house for Easter one year. It may not seem like a special event to the outsider, though it was for me, and always will remain so.

You see, no one else in the family knew my Nana’s recipe for devilled eggs. I know that it’s merely a smashed egg yolk combined with mustard and mayo, with just a pinch of salt and pepper sprinkled in for good measure, but my Nana had a way of making it seem like a highly guarded secret that shouldn’t be shared, by penalty of death. I remember when she spooned the creamy yellow mixture into the hollowed out egg white half and then offered me the spoon to lick when she was through. I felt as though we were sharing something so simple, but so complex all at once, as if our bond had been strengthened by the mere act of making an ordoeuvre together.

It may sound strange, but I was honored to have her entrust that recipe to me, and to be in the kitchen with her while she carefully mashed the eggs and globbed on the mayonnaise as I watched, almost mesmerized by the way her swollen fingers handled the fork. Sure, there were probably a million other devilled eggs being served that day all across the nation, though the ones that my Nana made for us were the most extraordinary and beautifully simple things in the world. I was the grandchild she chose to make the bearer of future devilled eggs in our family, and it was a bizarre but truly wonderful privilege.

I continued to make them for many Easters after, and still do to this day, in fact. My Nana passed away a few years ago, but every single time I make devilled eggs I think of her, and how she taught me how the recipe in strictest confidence. I know that I’ll teach my daughter how to make Nana’s devilled eggs one day, and will relish the thought of her thinking of me each and every time she makes them for herself when she’s all grown up.

How lovely, & very special. Thank you Rhiannon.

  1. Oh you shared! That’s our secret recipe too! It’s not a holiday unless these appear on the menu.

    • hello, hello! Yes it is a fantastic little dish always, & a lovely little story from one of our special friends :)) Have you got a story you’d like to share Diana?
      love Roni

  2. Yum, I love deviled eggs, but typically don’t make them at home. And since I’ve moved to a higher elevation (5300), I haven’t been able to hard boil an egg. But you inspire to make deviled eggs!!

    • Higher elevation Sue! Who would’ve thought???? Thanks for the mind work….:)) Enjoy your efforts, I’m sure you could let them be soft boiled, set overnight in fridge & then devil at a convenient time. That might help xx

  3. What a touching story! I was hoping the super-secret recipe was attached, but then I guess it wouldn’t be super-secret anymore, eh?

    • Yes Amy, our friend Rhiannon, who penned this story, is keeping the secret recipe for her own family generations :)) We will just have to love our own versions :)) xx

  4. I’d forgotten all about this recipe. Brings back memories for me too. I think of a time when I was young and slim and subtle. Sigh! Never mind. I’ve learned such a lot in the passing years.

    • Arhhh! Amy….there’s many, many gifts & tricks with the passing of years I’m sure :)) lol xx I think we all still love’em xx

  5. How gorgeous, thank you for sharing and Yummy 🙂

    • Thank you for stopping by Kama…so glad you enjoyed Rhiannon’s story :)) xx do you have one you’d like to share?

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