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Best-Ever World Famous Tomato Sauce!

Best-Ever World Famous Tomato Sauce!

 Best-Ever World Famous Tomato Sauce OR  Mums Tomato Sauce OR  Memories of Childhood

You say tomato….

It is so worth taking the time to make this sauce!

Do it over a weekend…& have all your bottles ready to go. Get the girls together, or spend the day with a friend, & take yourselves back to mama’s kitchen, or relive your days on the farm, doing what past generations of women did.


This tradition is often practised in many European countries & is a wonderful way to catch up with friends.

It’s connecting to the hearth, it’s remembering our ancestors, it’s paying homage to their skills & their ways. Those acts of necessity, the mother of invention, preserving a bountiful harvest so it’s on the shelves in the leaner months. A pantry staple.


Apart from having an annual supply of this most versatile, tasty tomato sauce in your pantry, the smell is absolutely divine!

And it makes a much sought-after gift, once your people have sampled it. Wrap a bottle of this deep red sensation in a bit of cellophane, tie it with a simple ribbon & there you go!


Seriously, at Food That Sings, we have people lining up (well maybe not quite), to get their treasure. They save their bottles, they offer to help with the making, they pay (& lay-by.) No kidding!

So here we go……


In a pretty big pot, put 10kg. sliced tomatoes (I get cooking toms from the local fruit & vege stall)

1.5kg onions, 100g garlic (about 2 heads) & half that of ginger

(you could use ½ cup crushed garlic & ¼ cup minced ginger for a quick easy option.)


Blitz it all in processor & add to tomatoes. Gently boil for 5 hours.

We give it a bit of a juzz with a stick blender about now, because we like to leave the texture intact instead of smooth, & because it’s so much less hassle.  But you could sieve it through a coarse strainer. Hot! Messy! Be careful!


Add 1.25kg sugar, 1.25kg apple puree, 1/4 cup salt & a bottle of EZY-SAUCE (Wild’s 375ml. it’s your vinegar & spices right there.)

Simmer uncovered for about an hour, or until thick pour.


Carefully fill hot sterilized bottles (use funnel), seal & label. Makes about 8 litres.

It freezes well, & stores well, both in the fridge or in the cupboard. It’s a treasure to behold & gives such a feeling of accomplishment.


Squillions Of Things To Do With This Gutsy Tomato Sauce……

  •         We always serve it with our Chicken & Pistachio Sausage Rolls at functions
  •         & our little pea & potato topped beef pies
  •         It’s a great base for spreading on pizzas

Toss it through some pasta for a quick meal, with some chicken, parmesan, basil, (whatever you fancy)

  •         We fold it through our Marinara to make a pink creamy sauce
  •         Add it to your bolognaise sauce for a tastier flavour
  •         Mix it w sour cream for a pretty pink dipping sauce for prawns or fish
  •         Pour over & bake left-over chicken or lamb roast w olives & parmesan
  •         Make a quick soup w shredded basil or parsley, & some chicken stock

You can use it wherever you would use passata, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Mexican….wherever you require a bigger, punchier hit.

  •         Meatballs, enchiladas, tacos, souvlaki, parmigiana, casseroles, stews, slow-cookers, pasta bakes
  •         You can add mushrooms, red capsicum, red wine, roast garlic cloves, grilled eggplant, cubes of pumpkin, cream, herbs, cheese…..


Once again the list of applications is endless, & around meal time this little gem is a liberating option…


  1. A store cupboard staple!

  2. what can you use instead of sugar have a lot of people who dont want to use sugar.

    • Hi Sandra, we also have loads of people cutting down on that bit of silent poison. There are many alternatives to sugar which you can substitute with. Just be a bit careful not to over-do it…test, taste, add more if you have to. Here’s a link to some suggestions… hope this helps :)) & good on you for taking control of what we eat xx

  3. Do you puree the apples yourself? Stew to soften then puree?

    • Yes Sian, we just stew the apples & chuck them in. We’ve even just grated them in & cooked them down with the tomatoes. Whichever way works for you is fine….it’s just a bit if a natural thickener.

  4. Do you cook the first 5 hours with the lid on or off and also when I have made sauce previously I add the apple ( fresh) at the start. Should I only add it for the last hour or so?

    • Hello Colleen, sorry about the late reply. I leave the lid off but it is entirely your preference, as it also is when you add the apple. You just make it your own, cook to the consistency you like. It’s so yummy.

  5. I miss read the recipe (glasses) and only cooked it all for 3 hours. It is really nice but should I cook it for the extra time. I’m thinking not to worry about it and just enjoy. Great recipe

  6. Hi Steve, yes I think a lot of us can hear you about the glasses, lol. I’m sure you will find all sorts of tasty uses for your thinner sauce, but do give it a go next tomato season with the full cook. The flavours develop so much more with longer cooking time. Cheers x

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