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Three things…just quickly.

Three things…just quickly. breakfast crossaints

On request, we have started posting pictures on Facebook, an overview of things that we produce in a Catering Kitchen. Mostly it will be toward the end of the week, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, because that’s when we are pumping out deliciousness for all sorts of functions.

Hopefully it will trigger some ideas for you to throw together treats & goodness for your very own weekends. Hook up with us & have fun… Don’t forget to add the hashtag #cateringkitchen with pictures of your own creations over at veg & fetta tarts

Maybe you will get some ideas to prepare ahead of time so you’ve got more time to play with your friends & family. We all know how important it is to take that break from work restraints & responsibilities, & to make the space to spend quality hours with our loved ones.

Any help we can give along the way to making this an easier transition, is a good thing :)) Throw questions our way if you like…”I’ve got this in the pantry/fridge, what can I make with that?” “Will this freeze if I make it ahead of time?” “What bits can I do now & finish off on the day?” You know, stuff like that…:))coconut prawns

But in saying this is what we are up to at Food That Sings, it will only be for another week or so because we are having a festive season break.

After that we will get right back into #cateringkitchen.chocolate coated strawberries

Which brings me to the next thing….on Thursday I am taking 2 of my grandkids to Rome to meet their parents & other grandmother!!! Well someone had to do it!!

(They are already over in Europe, on a well deserved once-in-a-life-time holiday. It’s been a hard couple of years for this amazing young couple, life changing illness, a more defined & grateful perspective.)Trial run with luggage

We are going on a Mediterranean cruise for a week & then over to Vienna for a childhood dream, a White Christmas with loved ones.

We can’t all be there as a family, but personally, I wouldn’t want to have this experience on my own. And Christmas is about family & sharing….so while some super precious people will be greatly missed, the rest of us are in store for making incredible indelible

Once we farewell our kids & grandkids back to Australia between the celebrations, my friend & compadre in grandmother-hoodness, fly off to Croatia, to see the New Year in… Our last stop-over is Prague before we fly back home…. Reportedly 3 of the most beautiful cities in the world, Vienna, Dubrovnik & Prague.

How blessed are we?!!! One month of spectacular appreciation….Austria, Vienna

And the third thing…I just want to say thankyou, from the depths of my heart, for all your support, your comments & contributions. It means the world to me.

Life goes on around us…amidst all this we’ve had a young broken arm requiring surgery, family dinners, birthday celebrations, Christmas tree erections, & saying goodbye to treasured old furry companions, just in this past week.

So I’m welcoming our holiday with energetic anticipation….chocolate cake

Merry Christmas to you & yours, & Happy New Year to all of us!! Looking forward to playing with you much more in the next innings. Remember, it’s all about the ride…:))

So stay tuned if you care to, as I will be writing about the foods, the cultures & the adventures of this trip along the way. Thank you for letting me share.

Squeal!!! I’m so excited…..Christmas tree

  1. Hope you have an amazing time!!!!!

  2. I cant believe that the much anticipated White Christmas trip is almost here… I am so excited for you!
    Thank you so much for the beautiful birthday cake, with the extra dash of Roni Love it was very special. Anyone who has not tried one of this ladies magnificent chocolate mud cakes has not lived)
    It astounds me that with so much to do at the moment ,and so much going on in your world you are still offering to help others…you are a beautiful soul Miss Roni!
    I would welcome your suggestion on two simple but stunning (does that even happen) salads to make for xmas lunch in the tropics?… any suggestions would be welcomed… but only if you can fit it in.
    Love your style

    • Awww, I think it’s you who is the special one for writing lovely things like that Pammy. Thankyou so much.
      You know it was my pleasure to do the cake. You know I am super excited about the upcoming trip. And you know we’ve got some simple but stunning salads for you…:))
      Straight up comes to mind avo, mango & pecan on a bed of butter greens w a creamy mustard dressing.
      Pear, pistachio & parmesan on rocket with poppyseed dressing.
      Orange & fennel salad, or our famous ruby salad.
      How about Moroccan cous cous salad, or Vietnamese glass noodle salad.
      It depends on what you are serving them with, & what colours & textures you love :))
      I’ll PM you lovely….mmwwaahh!!

  3. You go girl!!! Can’t wait to stay in ‘real time’ on your adventures…

    • Thanks poppet :)) it makes it all the more fun when you know you’ve got someone on the other side coming along for the ride…lol xx

  4. Thanks so much for your input with my ” what can I make for a Malaysian flavoured starter for our crew Christmas dinner. The tamarind prawns with your special sauce were a great hit!
    ps your Christmas tree always looks amazing!

    • lol…thanks Rosie. God love your little cotton socks…:))
      Always a pleasure to collaborate on a theme. Stoked that it was a hit. Never a doubt that you would execute it with flair….
      Big love xx

  5. OMG that’s a trip of a lifetime! You lucky woman. I’ve never been to Croatia but I could happily live in Prague. 🙂 Have the BEST time!

    We’ll be sticking around getting an eye sorted. heh

    • Oh thanks Maureen. Yes i am super lucky & getting very excited (between functions :))
      Congrats on your hosting In My Kitchen position, you will be brilliant.
      Best of luck & love with the eye sorting…xx

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