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Thursdays with Theo & Thumbelina…Kids Cooking Classes

Thursdays with Theo & Thumbelina…Kids Cooking Classes
Thai Red Chicken Curry.

Today for our Kids Cooking Classes, Thumbelina is visiting for a few hours, so we are going to make a delicious Thai Red Chicken CurryFresh ginger for Thai red chicken Curry
We’ll give you the quick version, however if you want to do it from scratch you can make your own curry paste, use fresh garlic, ginger, herbs, etc. but most of us always have the convenient alternatives in the fridge.
We are very fortunate to have some of these ingredients growing in the back yard, & so Thumbelina had fun digging fresh ginger out of the dirt.
She learnt about the double leaves of the magic kaffir lime tree as we plucked some for the pot. We snipped a bunch of coriander & picked up lemons from the ground.
Digging up ginger for Thai Red Chicken Curry
Coconut milk powder got whisked up too, & a bowl of apple wedges was gradually consumed. But the most fun was feeding the onions into the processor, & learning to breathe through her mouth, & randomly running to the deck for fresh air in her eyes :))
And lots of singing…today KT Tunstalls “Suddenly I See” got a bit of a work out!
Here she is on the other side of the bench, this little poppet, singing her own words…”suddenly I see, all the things that I can be” over & over again, in her own little world.
What a joyous spirit!
Chopping onions for Thai Red Chicken CurryAnd when mummy & daddy come to pick her up, here’s a yummy quick easy dinner all ready for them to eat.

This will feed 4-5 hearty eaters. So here we go…
Thai Red Chicken Curry

• Gently fry off 1 chopped onion, 1 tblspn. each of crushed garlic & ginger, & 1 tspn. red curry paste.
• Chop & add to pot 1 kg. chicken thighs. Brown off a bit.
• Add tin of coconut cream or milk, 1 tblspn. palm sugar (or brown sugar), ½ bunch chopped coriander stems (or a tblspn. coriander paste), & 2 tblspns. fish sauce.
• Simmer together about 15 mins. then throw in some diced pumpkin (maybe 1½ -2 cups). Cook another 15 mins. or so.
Prep for Thai Red Chicken Curry
Meanwhile, cook your rice….we do ours in the microwave. Water level about a knuckle length higher than the rice, 14 mins. on high. Perfect every time!

Place pappadums around the outside edge of your glass plate, not quite touching, & cook about 1 min. (depending on your microwave). Repeat, repeat…

Stick a bowl of these in the middle of the table for everyone to help themselves. They add a fantastic crunch to your awesome curry.
Serve, & top with the fresh coriander leaves that you saved…:))
Gorgeous, filling, warming & caring….& the next day it tastes even better!
Whisking coconut milk for Curry

TIP…As you make this each time, you will add or subtract to suit your families’ taste buds.

Seriously, don’t be scared to pull & push any or all of these ingredients around….there’s plenty of give in this recipe.
We love Kids Cooking Classes!
Thai Red Chicken curry in noodle boxes

  1. Such an amazing blog roni!!
    What a great opportunity for my kids and kids across the Internet universe to experience the joy of cooking.
    Keep up the amazing work! We love it!

    • It is our delight L=Kali…& one I hope they can all take some good grounding from as their paths unfurl :))

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