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Tomato Sauce, Baked Dinner & Ninja Turtles.

Kids Cooking Classes…Thursdays with Thumbelina.
Tomato Sauce, Baked Dinner & Ninja Turtles.

Thumbelina's pretty liquorice all-sorts apron

Thumbelina’s pretty liquorice all-sorts apron

She’s a bit over it today…our little Thumbelina doesn’t really want to cook this visit.
She doesn’t really want to help make tomato sauce or a baked dinner for the family.
She just wants to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which is the current movie of choice.

That’s okay, some days you just don’t have as much energy as others…

sauce...tomatoes, garlic & onions ready to prep!

sauce…tomatoes, garlic & onions ready to prep!

But before we put the Turtles on, & cozied her up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn, a bottle of water & a fluffy pink blanket, she did don her special liquorice-all-sorts apron & help slice up a few tomatoes.

We are making the winter batch of our much sought-after tomato sauce, her daddy’s favourite, so nothing is too much trouble.

There’s bottle-washing to be done, & water to be splashed around, so that helps with encouragement.

In the end though, the Turtles won the battle of interests…

tomato sauce with a little bit of help

tomato sauce with a little bit of help

We write the recipe & photograph the process for a new book that’s almost ready to assemble, titled “Seven Saucy Secrets.”

It’s fantastic that the kids can be a part of this procedure; they will have a unique, personal connection with it, particularly in later years.

Making memories…

Thumbelina, & some of our little family are adventuring off down south for the snow season, so we lose them as part of our weekly dinner gathering for 4 months.

ninja turtles beckons...

ninja turtles beckons…

Whilst it’s a bit sad for us, it’s highly exciting for them…a few other friends already there, jobs ready to tackle, a total change of life-style.

What a fantastic experience!

That means we only have 2 or 3 more meals together, it’s cold outside & mama needs comforting :))

So comfort food it is!

Tonight we throw on a good old roast pork, with apple & rhubarb sauce, & loads of crispy, crunchy vegetables.

baked Dinner prep with Theo

baked Dinner prep with Theo

We are even having a go at getting out the beautiful glistening seeds of the gorgeous red pomegranates, which we will sprinkle over apple pie & vanilla custard for pop & pizzazz.
Little pink hands, red mouth & some more memories…

Thumbelina, & the little people after school pick-up, get to peel & prepare the veges.
So it’s fun & games, laughing & singing, sharing what happened in our lives today, & a bit of squabbling over which colour peeler we each get to use.

more veggies for baked dinner

more veggies for baked dinner

Today we explained to each other what we thought the word “decision” means, & laughed at all our examples…
Do you want to pat that cow, or do you want to stay in the car? Do you want to put on a dress or a t-shirt? Would you like to peel or chop or stir?

And Thumbelina joyously sings random thoughts about her understanding & placement of her “decisions.”

Previous story about this…

A quote from “The next time you are perplexed about the world’s big problems, ask a child how they would solve it?” It makes for fascinating conversation…

The Baked Dinner

The Baked Dinner

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