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Top Tips for Deep Dish Pie Baking.

Top Tips for Deep Dish Pie Baking.deep dish pie baking

Last weekend we catered for a gorgeous simple vintage wedding. In a quaint little country village hall. With hessian runners, fresh green vines, lovingly hand-made details, & an everybody home-to-the-farmhouse feel. Lots of warmth & laughter, good music & dancing, kick up your heels & have a good time….deep dish pie baking

After lots of yummy finger food, the brides vision was for a sumptuous spread of generous deep-sided family pies, & loads of gorgeous salads. A buffet table of visual & gastronomic delight. Old-school mouth-watering invitation….Just like at home, (but on a grander scale :))

Sweet. It will be fun to bring it all to life.deep dish pie baking

Lots of thought went in to how we would make them stand tall & proud after they had been heated & taken out of their tins. And then cut & portioned for guests to help themselves. Without making a sloppy mess, & still remaining moist & desirable.

The brief included an assortment of pastries. He wanted puff, she wanted shortcrust, & they also needed some gluten free pies.deep dish pie baking

No problems with producing these tasty gems, but what about the actual structural requirements?

A good old Google search failed to produce the appropriate guidance. So we forged ahead with our scientific experiments & took pics as it unfolded.deep dish pie baking

Happy to report they worked fantastically. They looked impressive, performed well & got rave reviews.

We jotted down our discoveries along the way, hoping to assist anyone else who wants to make deep-dish pies sometime.

For all this, we chose to use good quality, ready-rolled pastry sheets. We made all the bases with shortcrust, & all the lids with puff, except the gluten free ones.deep dish pie baking

We used springform tins where we could for easy turning out. Otherwise we lined normal cake tins with baking paper. To stand firm, we reinforced the bottom & walls by doubling the pastry. It took about 3 1/2 sheets each pie. 

  • To remain pretty on display, we cut strips of pastry just wide enough to allow a tiny turn over the top edge of tin.deep dish pie baking
  • We lined the walls once, then added 2 sheets star-of-David style (on an angle to each other, showing 8 peaks) & encased them in another layer of pastry. Thus having 2 layers all around.deep dish pie baking
  • After pricking the base with a fork, we blind baked in hot oven about 20 mins. then removed the rice in baking paper, & baked another 15-20 mins. until light brown & firm.deep dish pie baking
  • We added fairly firm filling, piled high & brushed a little egg wash around the top edge.deep dish pie baking
  • Then the top puff pastry sheet. If it wasn’t big enough we cut another sheet to required size & decorated to disguise the additions.deep dish pie baking
  • Brush again with egg wash & add your choice of toppings (because we had so many we needed to identify the varieties.)deep dish pie baking

Bake until golden brown & beautiful…..Enjoy!!deep dish pie baking

Note: If using the next day, say for a picnic or banquet table, let get cold in tin before you take it out.  If you don’t have enough tins, make a heavy collar of foil tied up with string once they are cold. Also allow at least an hour to bring it back up to heat in the oven.deep dish pie baking

  1. YUMMMMM!!!

    • It was an interesting process. I learnt things :)) Would have been fun to have your input too…
      Loved the way they looked on the buffet table.

  2. thanks for the tips!!!

    • My pleasure lovely :)) hope they help.
      It will be fun trying….& then there’s tasting the fruits of your labours!!! lol…xx

  3. Wow, I wouldn’t have thought of reinforcing the bottom too. You are SO clever and that wedding would have been amazing!

    • Thanks Maureen, it was such a pretty wedding.
      And let me tell you, their wines were very well chosen too :)) They actually added an unexpected sophistication to the whole meal.
      I know this because our beautiful clients insisted I take some home as a special thankyou….gotta love that :))

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