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Tree Planting, Olive Oil Appreciation & Villa Campestri…

Tree Planting, Olive Oil Appreciation & Villa Campestri…Olive oil

What’s that one above-&-beyond experience you choose for every adventure? The area or the activity you most want to visit? That one exciting extra thing you plan to include? For me, this time, this is the one! So I set about orchestrating it on our latest journey.

Two years ago, whilst staying at the Palazzo in Palermo, some of the guests I looked after were a lovely young family, part of the generations of owners, from this grand resort. The fliers looked gorgeous, inviting….I really wanted to go there some day!!!

And I so want to learn how they make these sumptuous flavoursome olive oils in Europe. We just don’t seem to have the same standard in Australia. Whilst I would always prefer to buy & support local produce, I find a bitter aftertaste in our olive oils here, which in turn tends to overpower all other flavours. I will keep searching, but until then….more education for me.

As a group, we were staying in Florence for a couple of days, & I remembered that Villa Campestri was not far out of town. I’m on it!!! And look! It’s happening….

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