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The trip to Sicily

The trip to Sicily

“Una volta nella vita”…Once in a lifetimeIMG_5051

After much consideration, & a little angst, for the next few months at least, we move this story from being totally about food, to encompass many other things as well as our much loved fare. We will bring you many food stories as expected, but also many adventures as requested…:))

The Trip…5.45am departure from home, an hours run down the highway. My son rang, my daughter came up from Gold Coast to see me off, my brother rang to say he’s been granted a clear run at his new love :)) met a lovely young solo traveler, 25 yo Swiss girl Sarah, to have breakfast & hang with, & that was all before leaving home soil. I am blessed.IMG_5053

Lots of laughs & dance moves in my seat with the movie “Last Vegas” & a bottle of Cab. Merlot :)) A couple more movies, more food, good flight…no neighbours, no screaming kids, no coughing germs, winning!

9 hour stop over in Singapore…I wonder why the travel agent did that? It’s a long time, crazy move. Must speak with her???

Found a quietish couch to curl up on with my bags as my pillow…I might have snored a bit..:)) Had to try Singapore noodles while there, pretty ordinary at airport.IMG_4733

Flying tips for my girls…drink plenty of water, wriggle your feet around, be generous with your moisturiser  (I do it after they give you a hot towel on Emirates) & for the frugal traveler, eat the plane food & save your money in the airports :)) you can charge your phone on the plane…

Then Dubai, another 4 hours wait. And Rome…ah Roma. This is where the food begins! This is where the beautiful displays of all the enticing delights takes on a whole new dimension.IMG_4725

So a quick ask around, more customs, a long trek  to next gate & I’m on the last leg to Palermo. We fly into fog & rain, a bit like Melbourne & it’s  not until we land that I feel the chill. But I smile & feel warmed as I am surrounded in a sea of Italian faces & listen to the chatter of arrival as they phone home to loved ones.

I wind my way to the baggage claim, happy to be reunited with my belongings, & step out into my new home right beside the sea. I feel grungy, exhausted, excited & yet calm. A handsome man stands there with my name on a placard! Omg! Is this really happening? I kiss him…on both sides :))IMG_4967    My friend Val greets me after I touch the amazing big wooden doors, centuries old, with the often gazed upon proud brass lions head, sensual, cold & strong.

I meet the duke, warm & welcoming on his birthday, & the duchess in the kitchen, where she’s been for 2 days cooking up a storm to feed 120 guests tonight, the birthday celebration. We have talked many times on Skype so feel already familiar…then still in my traveling gear, I find something to tie up my hair, some phone lead & a pencil, scrub up, chop, slice, stir & help make the birthday cake…. I climb the ever present steps, quickly check out my apartment, shower, dress, & go back to decorate it. A delighted kitchen staff stops & watches as I make chocolate curls magically appear beneath my knife :))IMG_4959

I put the heel of my shoe through my brand new dress, bugger. Wish I could’ve stayed longer but only managed to mingle through entrees & just the first course before the body clock devoured me….

I must sleep, snuggle up, lights out, don’t remember a thing :)) IMG_4981

PS. I purchased a new little Mac air for light weight carting & sharing…I am learning to make friends with it :)) By joves, 2 steps forward, 1 step back,  I think I’m winning….for those of you who know me you will be stoked! If you enjoyed this, tell your friends, I might be able to do it again & again now. #feeling confident :)) ciao ciao xx

  1. Oh Roni, so enjoyed reading your story so far. How exciting, beautiful photos too, are they all new ones from Italy? Looking forward to the next chapter. I’m going to England in August, wish I had time/money to pop over and visit!That would be awesome 🙂

    • That would be so awesome Fran…I’m almost a local now I have an apartment :)) Thanks for letting me know you are out there & you care :)) have an awesome holiday yourself, ciao bella xx

  2. Oh Roni, it sounds like you are already having the most amazing experience, shame about your dress, what a shame. I’m looking forward to reading your journey. Lots of love

    • Thanks Em, nice to see you enjoying the trip :)) yes, already it’s awesome & only just begun….xx

  3. So good to hear of your Italian adventures! I look forward to hearing more too … sounds like you hit the ground running, jet lagged or not! Baci Baci xx

    • lol, yes Kristina, sometimes it’s the best way…& I got my first 8 hours sleep last night so I will be in the rhythm now :)) enjoy! love Roni xx

  4. BTW have made your eggplant involtini twice so far and love ’em 🙂

    • hey Fran, so good to glad you enjoyed them & always appreciate the feed back :)) cheers xxx

  5. How gorgeous Roni, to read your words and drink in the delights… love love love it xx

    • Oh thanks lovely Jeanne…you know it will be true for you too :)) & I will feast on your words as well xxx

  6. Sounds fantastic, can’t wait to hear the next exciting episode. Take care.

    • Hey Jen, you’ll be having some of your own fantastic episodes pretty soon….:)) xx

  7. Thanks blessed sister,
    With each line I read I feel the wings of the butterflies in my tummy slow down.
    To quote our other sister, “don’t be scared, be prepared”
    Love you

    • omg gorgeous girl…you are so welcome!!!
      It is such a precious, privileged opportunity to experience. Go forth with an open heart, you will be warmly embraced.
      And the memories will sustain you for the rest of your days…
      Just a call away if any calming is required :)) You are brave, you are safe, you are awesome.
      huge love always

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