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We meet in Rome…

We meet in Rome…Rome

Anticipation is escalating! Crazy, busy times at the pointy end of a caterers silly season. So much organization!

Gathering of little people. Long, long excitement in confined quarters as we hurtle through night skies to the other side of the world. Good little travellers, mummy & daddy waiting.To Rome

And finally, we meet in Rome…

It’s my 3rd time to this magnificent city of treasures, the surface barely scratched. We adventure, we explore. We are wide-eyed & in awe!Rome

The kids are like little sponges & it is delightful to witness the magic through their eyes on our 3 day stop-over.

All that walking allows us to taste whatever temptations we desire. And so we sample foods we’ve only heard about, cook with amazing produce we’ve collected, devour curious discoveries & delicious naughty treats along the way.Rome

We learn about some cultural differences relating to food.

For example, it’s frowned upon to handle market produce prior to purchase, as we do in Australia when choosing. These are their babies that they’ve brought to present to us…they display them with care & passion.Rome

They grow them, nurture them, are proud of them. They are not yours until you have payed good money for them. And even then it’s like mumma watching her babies going off to a new life, hoping they will be treated well.

Kind of like an honourary transfer. I love it!fresh pasta

On departure day we give our feet, maps & sensory overload a rest, & embark on a cruise around the Mediterranean (as you do :))

A night at sea, & then lunch with the Duke & Duchess at the Palazzo in Palermo. She graciously welcomes my little family. Such an honour to show them where my life happened, where my first experience of living in another culture energetically enveloped me.

It’s so good to see them all again, including the staff. These people I spent 3 months with almost 2 years ago.

So many good stories… starting here.

  1. Thank you, love you Mambo xxx

  2. Another exciting journey filled with food, memories and family. Lucky you!

    Merry Christmas!

    • Hey Maureen…ah yes, the joys of adventure, fraught with all sorts of peeks & troughs! Cooking together with local produce in foreign lands is pretty special…a little challenging, (how do you prepare this unfamiliar vegetable?) & a lot rewarding. Making memories… xx

  3. Love the shorthand…and the fact that you got a post done amid the busy-ness of travelling…and with family! Well done you!!! Lovely to hear what’s happening xxxx

    • lol…it’s gotta be shorthand, for a whole plethora of reasons. And solid wifi is a bit fleeting at the best of times :)) Thanks for staying tuned in xxx

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