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Wednesday Walking & Whip Birds…



Clares land

It’s 5.30am, mmmm, it’s cosy warm in here…who would want to get out of bed this early?

I must, girlfriend waiting, you know you want to….

6.30am, meet special friend up the street for our morning walk. Where to go today? Somewhere new…let’s have a little exploration!

So, with coffee money in hand (just in case,) we jump in the car & up the range we roar, taking time to note the beautiful vista, & to breathe in the rolling fog as it wafts through picturesque valleys….

We find a spot to pull over just beside an impressive clump of giant bamboo, marking the entrance to a tranquil country road, an avenue of trees. And we walk, we chat, we gather data for our dream house, for our future estate.

There are wild mushrooms in the still dew-covered grass, pumpkins, mandarins & honesty boxes scattered randomly beside letter boxes.

And a generous bucket of organic lemons strategically placed for passers-by to help themselves….free to a loving home, juicy, organic bliss bombs.walnuts

A large granite plaque commands our attention & we skip across the road to check it out.

Beyond is a little grassy hedge, two graves, two headstones, with the family dwellings sitting comfortably behind.  An honoured couple, pioneers of the area, a mark of respect & love.

A note in history, a documentation of their influence & contribution to the community in its fledgling days.pineapples

The gentle sun warms our backs, the autumn chill caresses our skin, the air is crisp & clean…… & the whip birds create magic for our ears….such little, unassuming fine-feathered creatures.

Makes us wonder how that big voice comes from such a slight, illusive little critter as it flits, camouflaged amidst the undergrowth, allowing us only fleeting glimpses in the canopy.

Their shrill, crystal clear notes undeniably welcoming in the awakening day, in unabashed, delightful joyousness.


How blessed are we?

We’ve been gifted a glimpse of nature at her best, we’ve touched beauty, abundance & clarity.

With our gathered bounty we head off home, minds in overdrive, what will we make? Lemon butter, fresh squeezed mandy juice, yum. Mushrooms & pesto on crunchy g/f toast, roast pumpkin soup for dinner.

Our spirits soar….what a glorious way to start the day!!

misty valleys


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