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Whale Watching… Hang on to Your Wobbly Bits. Fun day out of the kitchen.

Whale Watching. Fun day out of the kitchen.Whale Watching

“Hang  on to your wobbly bits,” he says as we head out to sea in this glorious winter sun. Our skipper is very much an easy character, colourful & informative about these huge gentle creatures we seek today….. Involving us in the spotting…guess how far away that might be? Where was that spurt? Yell if you spot something?Whale Watching

No navigational equipment used for sightings. All by sight…& as we learn, the obvious & telltale whales footprint. It tells you the speed & direction, & even the depth which indicates approximately how long before the whale surfaces again. This man knows his stuff.Whale Watching

It’s a beautiful clear day, we might see all sorts of sea creatures, like turtles, octopus. The surfers are rewarded with spectacular waves, tossing & curling. Out deep, the water is a beautiful translucent ink colour. Sun glistening over the top, magical, sparkling.Whale Watching

Imagine. There’s a whole other world of intrigue under there. One which I’ve come to terms with hopefully never seeing (as I don’t swim).

Glad I’ve got the big fluffy cardigan for outside. Deep breaths, fresh wind, hair flying…Nothing like the kiss of winter sun on your skin. Feels like we are on holidays…Whale Watching

It was recommended we bring sea sickness pills, but in my busy lead up to a day off, it didn’t happen. I’m going with mind over matter. Decided to think of the rolling & the riding of the waves like being on the back of a bike ???? just blending with the flow. Wrapping around those corners, leaning into those bends, feeling the wind in my sails. Carefree, trusting, adventurous. Complete surrender to the man in control, our pilot.Whale Watching

Cargo vessels line up along the shipping channel, off too where? Loaded with what treasures?…all our online shopping goodies perhaps?

We see a splash…we pick up speed, we are off to check it out. How exciting! ????  People with cameras, binoculars, paused activity, bated breath. Anticipatory camaraderie.Whale Watching

I see a spurt!! Engines stop. We see the whales footprint. I’m fascinated by the clarity, once you know….Looks like an oil spill, big circles of smooth water, becoming progressively larger…..

I see a black shape, omg!  Black on top white underneath. They are swimming across our bow. Where will they pop up? 33mtrs of deep ocean. One big lone male, maybe 30 tons, maybe 8 yo. Mating season. 33000 last year, bumper season expected this year.Whale Watching

I’m surprised at the blackness of them, don’t know why.

We are quiet, all in stealth mode, loitering, waiting, tingling…. He’s gone into hiding, diving deep. Who knows when he will surface! We leave him alone & set off to get amongst the action & find the pod where we spy activity on the horizon.

The sparkle on the water is deliciously mesmerising as we bob along at a steady rate of knots. There’s dolphins on the left…. I’m too slow for photos, sorry.Whale Watching

And then we’re in the thick of it…. There’s a baby, maybe 7 days old, floppy, gorgeous white markings. Here comes mum. And the supporting escort.

We are now about 60 metres deep. Lots of water between her belly & the bottom, which means more babysitting work. The escort, usually a pregnant female yet to have her baby, acts as nanny & assists mum, helps shelter the calf from predators.Whale Watching

They can drink up to 400 litres of milk a day! That’s breast feeding on steroids. And they do this for the first 12 months, whilst being taught to hunt & fend for themselves.

We learnt so many interesting facts about our watery giants. Too many to mention without making this story into a documentary :)) It was a magnificent day. One our visitors & those lucky enough to call the Sunshine Coast home, could not help but enjoy. How lucky we are!Whale Watching

I wish to sincerely thank Whale One #whaleone & #visitsunshinecoast for their passion & knowledge. Check them out. Get booking & soak up the spectacle.

  1. Awesome!!! Thanks for he ride…

    • Yes, you would love it too. Thanks for sharing the awesome experience with me ….xx

  2. Sounds like a great day on the water !!!

    • It was Val. Let’s do it together with some of our connections sometime, seeing as we are so fortunate to have this all in our own back yard…x

  3. So awesome… well written lady… was totally on that journey with you xx

    • Awwww, how lovely of you. Thank you. And I wish you were totally on that journey too :)) love xx

  4. Wow, you’ve got me. I read this and decided to do it too. Booked for Saturday. Can’t wait. Will make sure my wobbly bits are well strapped in. The whales obviously think Mooloolaba’s a great spot too.

    • Lol…yes Jen, you will love it. And there seems to be plenty of whales out there just now. Also it should be a fabulous day on the water. Let me know how you go? Is it your first time whale watching? It was mine…xxx

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