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What Foods Spell Christmas For You?



 I know! I know! Who can believe it’s almost upon us again?
 But it IS nearly time for Christmas…& we still have plenty of time to gather & assemble our most evocative festive food memories.
What are those special dishes that we may only have once a year, the ones that shout Christmas to us?
What are the foods that we love to make for our precious people, or that we can’t wait to go home & taste again.
The ones that speak of nurture, of safe & solid ground, of love & gathering, laughter & sharing?

For me, the eldest of 11 children in close succession, it is all those things, & much, much more. It’s ripe with tactile beauty & joyous promise.

It’s much activity…’s the planning, prepping, & presenting of a bountiful banquet. It’s the combined help & the eager participation…dsc_2968

These days I’m much more aware of the anticipation & the sensation.

Of the boost to all our senses, the  visions, sounds, smells, textures & flavours that all combine to create our favourite fare.file000156498472

During the days of last December, the question was bandied about far & wide. “What foods spell Christmas for you?”

Amazingly interesting answers emerged…..shortbread stars, buttered Brazils, Shimmi’s sherry balls, chilled lychees & fresh, plump cherries.

Christmas treats

Christmas treats

Other suggestions were mango & passionfruit pavlova, Oma’s spekkoek, Blackforest trifle, double glazed smoked ham-off-the-bone, garlic & chilli prawns, sumptuous salads & of course the traditional plum pudding in all it’s guises….mmmmm. (Lots of desserts you may notice…!)dsc_6263

In the drinks department, strawberry daiquiris & Long Island ice tea, as well as cold, cold beer & loads of champagne got a mention too.

And the list goes on!

Requests to gather up these decadent delights got me to thinking….dsc_6235

And soooo, along with all the other exciting projects that will unfold this year, a nursery is in place to collect, collate & deliver all these divine offerings before the next silly season lands suddenly upon us.

We here at Food That Sings, would love you to contribute your favourite festive food suggestions, to plump up this luscious celebration feast….DSC_0187

How can you help? Can you remember yours?

And please, join us here at our imaginary celebration table.

We can taste it already!!

Not quite sure exactly what we are all doing for Christmas this year :)) We might have a feast for all of us here in Queensland, & then take a road trip down to Victoria, where half the family still resides.

And what about you? What will you be doing?

Remember, as George Bernard Shaw once said, “There is no lover sincerer than the lover of food.”IMG_5541


  1. My earliest memories of Christmas are going to bed after having a piece French toutiere pie.
    Then after Santa came we would have a big breakfast of popovers, bacon and eggs and waffles.
    For Christmas dinner, the whole family came over for turkey and ham and more side dishes than you could remember.
    My dad did the breakfast because my mother was cooking dinner.
    My grandmother made the best pork stuffing for the turkey and I make it every year in her honour.

    • Thank you so much for sharing Maureen. They sound like some very special memories.
      Lots of tasty traditions…just what Christmas is all about :)) That, & celebrating our precious people, which (it’s so lovely to hear) you still do!
      Lucky family…xx

  2. What a great web site. I am now going to show this off to my friends. Great to meet with you today, will keep in touch, see you next Wednesday at the SCDL Christmas Party……..Margaret W

    • Wow Margaret, thanks so much for your kind words. Happy you are showing it to your friends :))
      And yes, it was a very interesting meeting. Keen to see where it will lead…..
      Stand by folks!
      cheers Roni xx

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