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What’s for dinner tonight?


What’s for dinner tonight?

For us it’s pizza I think…one of my favourites! :))

It seems in all my investigation that THE biggest challenge, over & over again, with big families, small families, old or young families, single & busy people, almost everyone, is what to cook tonight!!prawn salad

We want tasty, we want easy, we want good for us, & we want something a little bit different than the meals we throw together over & over again.

We want something we can be proud we made, something new & tasty, as well as fresh & yummy!

So this year we will share some fabulous ideas, & all input is welcome :))

And we hope to get our foodie forum running hot with all sorts of help from all of us.chicken satay

Check it here

After all, it is so often in one persons idea for the next meal, that the same concept spreads throughout kitchens far & wide. Facebook tells us so…pub grub

Quite apart from that (or perhaps working well, side by side), these are some of the weird & wonderful questions people are asking from all around the world.

Some of the topics people have suggested…..

  • How to cook many styles of chicken
  • Slow Cooker hints & tips
  • How to create a low fat cake
  • Using different spices to add variety to everyday meals
  • Tricks to making pasta dry straight
  • How to keep tender meat without juice bubblingfrittata
  • Storing food in the freezer and not ruining it
  • Homemade yogurt
  • Salted pork
  • Barbeque and backyard picnic recipes
  • Food options in a hurry
  • Rice preparation
  • Side dishes that compliment common main coursesside dishes
  • Learning to cook eggs over easy
  • Cook pancakes without them falling apart
  • How to cook a non watery stir fry
  • What cheese to use in certain situations
  • Learning to use tofu
  • Veggie burgers that actually taste good
  • Homemade ice cream
  • Condensed vs. regular milkicecream
  • Common stove mistakes
  • Making soup with bran
  • Filling for beef olives
  • How to mix a good homemade salad
  • Innovative breakfast foods
  • Preparing fish
  • How long to hold on to certain ingredients before they spoil
  • Alternatives to butter
  • Using wine in preparing mealsbreakfast

So what’s for your dinner tonight?

Do you have any suggestions to add? What would you like to see covered by the cooks in everyday kitchens, near & far?

Check out Nikki Phillippi too, for some helpful ideas….

  1. 6 veggies for dinner tonight for us:2 baked, 2 steamed &
    2 mashed. No butter in the mash, only sour light cream!!!
    Some leftovers for a cold lunch tomorrow.

    • You go Val….aren’t veggies just the best!!!
      We ended up with marinated tofu & 6 veggie stirfry, so yummy…
      Also some leftover for lunch, lol xx

  2. I like the one on keeping stuff in the freezer without ruining it. I made ice cream today so don’t need that one.

    You are in a great place to teach the basics of cooking for a family. I look forward to 2017 with you.

    • Oh how lovely of you Maureen, thank you :))
      Yes, it’s the new great adventure as 2017 unfolds isn’t it? Always appreciate any of your expert suggestions….xx

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