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Who loves breakfast?

Who loves breakfast?breakfast

Who loves breakfast? Or better still, who loves a top-shelf buffet breakfast?

You know the ones…where everything is so yummy you just have to have a little taste of everything.

You’re on holidays, you wouldn’t do it every day….right?breakfast

So your plate gets way too full, you eat much more than you usually would, & you feel very round, heavy & a little awkward to start your day.

But you smile with satisfaction….breakfast

On my recent European travels, with 10 countries visited, the breakfasts were many & varied as you could imagine.

From on-the-road airport counters to cruise ship extravaganzas. From cereal & toast in rented apartments to lovingly prepared spreads in family homes. From coffee & whatever we can grab on early morning streets to the most impressive veritable feast in our last grand hotel.breakfast

Oh my, my, my… Aside from all the other magic in Prague, I would go back to our place there specifically for the breakfasts.

Let me tell you just a snippet about the breakfast experience at Maximilian.breakfast

The room itself was big, open, white & timber, lots of glass & natural light, good linen & china, sparkling glassware & cutlery. Clean. And that’s important to me. It felt warm, comfortable & inviting….

Friendly staff, who made to order whatever was the beverage of your choice. No problem! You could have the usual coffees & plentiful teas. One step further even, lemon slices & fresh ginger tea, in your own plunger.

A variety of labeled milks, fresh juices & cool lemon water.breakfast

The display was simple enough, obviously presented with pride & set out in thoughtful order of natural progression.

Several styles of freshly baked loaves, pretty trays of chilled fruit slices, a bountiful spread of seeds & grains, dried fruits & nuts, honey’s, yoghurts & other superfoods to customize your muesli bowl.breakfast

There are delicate pastries & cute little small-portioned desserts, mostly fruit & dairy based. And then meats, rows of colourful salad things, oils, dressings & loads of little pots of condiments.

Smoked salmon, pickles, sauces, chutneys, lemon wedges, & gorgeous cheese platters.breakfast

The most exciting for me was the presentation of live micro-herbs. With scissors to snip your own….how thoughtful!! 


And the gorgeous sensual shiny domes (can you tell that I am very attracted to them? :)) with the expected grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, sometimes baked beans, sometimes grilled greens, like zucchini & fresh asparagus.

Eggs, a couple of ways, good quality bacon & good tasting chippolatas, all perfectly cooked.Prague. White Christmas.

Not only was everything handled with the care of a good chef at the helm, you could also order any breakfast you might desire from the menu.

Sensational. World class. All bases covered excellently for my vote!breakfast

And then just last week I was in Sydney staying at a stunning little character filled bed & breakfast. It was charming & I would stay there again.

Breakfast however, was definitely not a priority & I would arrange to go out next time…:))

Sure, the rudimentary requirements were covered. It was clean & easy to use. The space was light & airy, tables & chairs good quality….

With just a few tweaks it could have been so much more desirable.breakfast

I just wanted to get my hands on it, make it luscious….. And a little more stylish!

So do you have a few breakfast stories to share? What makes breakfast memorable for you?Breakfast.



  1. I love European breakfasts or maybe I’m just lucky that we always stayed at places that had great food. For me, no matter what the meal was, it’s more about the people I share it with.

    I’ve never turned down blueberry pancakes or eggs benny. 🙂

    • Oh how lovely Maureen. You have been a lucky girl to always get good breakies.
      It sure is about the people you are with, but the food helps polish the shine up for me :))
      Blueberry pancakes or eggs benny….mmmm, now I am hungry.
      Ciao bella xx

  2. This looks so amazing. Makes me want to go to Europe. Keep up the posts so I can live through your amazing food adventures ????

    • Awwww, aren’t you so lovely!!! Thanks Kass, let’s do one together sometime….
      It was a special lady who introduced me to the famous Maximilian xxx

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