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Wild Weather Won’t Stop Us….

Wild Weather Won’t Stop Us….the show must go on!high tea weddings

Here on the Sunshine Coast we caught the lash of the tail of Cyclone Debbie. Buckets of heavy rain in fierce bursts & wild, vicious winds.

No cars around, many roads out due to trees down & water coverage, & unprecedented, 600 schools closed in South East Queensland, as far down as the boarder.

Another consequence, school holidays started 2 days early.high tea weddings

I have to say, it was almost surreal watching the might of Debbies sting from behind sodden glass panes. But we are all dry & safe indoors….time for a bottle of red & some fresh pasta I reckon.

Today, although the collateral damage is abundantly evident, & many homes & businesses are out of power, we, as a region, escaped relatively unscathed.

The day is sometimes shiny, sometimes cloudy & the clean-up begins in earnest.high tea weddings

As a caterer, I’m affected by cancellations. This week we had a big lakeside wedding postponed, (thank goodness given the weather conditions,) & a pre-nuptial high tea.

However, as many dainty little morsels were already prepared & as many guests were unable to delay their flights, we changed tack & made it a family reunion morning tea.high tea weddings

Upon arrival at 6am. to pick up my prescheduled bread order from the bakery, I learned that the loaves had been baked, but the power outages had prevented them from being sliced.

You can’t make finger sandwiches without sliced bread. A quick ring around found one bakery with enough restaurant loaves to get us out of trouble, & they even agreed to slice them horizontally (which gives less crusts to remove, helps in the delicate assembly.)high tea weddings

At the fruit shop, a young mum was distressed about heating bottles for her babies….so much distraction sometimes affects the obvious. Does she have gas? What about putting a saucepan of water on the stove to stand the bottle in?

The morning tea venue team was distressed about not being able to make tea & coffee, or being able to heat the pastries….we’d made chicken, pear & almond sausage rolls, & little fetta & olive quiches.

How about putting a baking tray on top of a low heat barbeque to keep them away from the hotplate, pop them on a tray & close the lid for a bit? And serve plenty of chilled champagne….high tea weddings

Like we said, the show must go on. So now its a scramble to the last hour things sorted. Benches full of finger sandwiches filled, cut & plated, caramel tart shells loaded & decorated, clean up done & cars packed.

After all that, with solutions found, tensions were relieved & the delivery was gratefully received. I’m sure there are many well fed, happy holiday makers by now :))high tea weddings

And then it’s back into the kitchen for the next job, private cheffing for my local Paleo family….& then an Art Workshop for the next day.

(Check this out….Carolyn is an amazing teacher, truly, & her International Art Tours become such rich memories to treasure  I always go when I can & turn them in to food interests too. Come with me to Venice. Orvieto & Rome in October this year :))high tea weddings




  1. This sounds like a save you won’t forget in a hurry. Well done! Your mum would be so proud xx

    • Thanks Kristina. Yes that is something I am so proud of Mum & Dad for teaching us. No matter what their challenges were, they always sought & found solutions. Great role modelling.

  2. It was certainly wild weather here on the Sunshine Coast. Thankfully for us, the lawn guy showed up the day after and hauled off all the fallen palm fronds and broken limbs and you couldn’t tell there was a storm.

    Your goodies look wonderful!

    • Yes it sure let us know it was angry. Thank goodness all is well at yours. Always a concern when you are so close to the water…thanks for chatting Maureen ????

  3. This all looks awesome Roni! I really love the idea of slicing the bread horizontally…I’d never even thought of that before. I’m going to try that!

    Do you do your own photography? The photos are really good 🙂

    • Oh thanks Jen, yep, it makes finger sandwiches so much more manageable. Ask your baker, they will probably look at you a bit weird, but they will do it if they have the right gear :))
      Yep, all pics mine except one. They are just off my phone. And thanks for saying lovely things xx

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