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Winning on Maggie Is.


Winning on Maggie Is.IMG_7805

Ohh I’m so excited! I have been asked to cook a special Sicilian-style thank you dinner for 10 people, on an ocean-view deck, on Magnetic Island! :)) Lucky me…IMG_7803

So I’ve done a bit of a refresher scan over my notes from my experience in Sicily earlier this year, which was a “una volta nella vita” opportunity.


So with a few ideas mapped out, a couple of special ingredients stashed away & my knife bag all trussed up, I’m packed & ready to roll.

Am thinking an overnight train trip is exactly what a girl needs…time to chill & listen to music, develop recipe variations according to available ingredients on the island, write shopping lists, read, no interruptions….bliss!IMG_7801

Oh no, what an unsettling jolt into reality!

Kids, penned up, irritable, undisciplined. Who can read?

Thank god for headphones & fine tunes. The rhythmic rattle on the rails is soothing while I settle in to watch the beautiful long shadows & the sun sinking slowly over our glorious countryside.IMG_7876

A warm welcome on arrival, a good stretch, a quick shop for supplies, & a long wait for the next ferry as we missed ours in time to see it pulling away. Ah well, some coffee & a bite to eat sustain us :))IMG_7828

At last, Maggie is.! Such a holiday feel here, open topped mokes & bare feet abound, the atmosphere is clear & warm, the birdsong rapturous & abundant.IMG_7833

We walk along the beach, absorbing the beauty of the tortured tamarind trees & the amazing volcanic rock formations. We drink champagne & plan our approach.IMG_7834

North Queensland tourism has put on Bay Dayz, a month long ongoing party for the island. Music, markets, discovery tours, yacht races, fishing comps, even a nude snorkelling session :)) the activities go on & the little community is abuzz…

We race around & secure speciality produce, platters, alcohol, flowers…IMG_7812

The local hospitality envelopes us, & one particularly generous lady, Cheryl, from Arcadia gourmet store, even bought in required pink peppercorns from her own personal supply when we couldn’t purchase them conventionally. How special is that!

We made her a citrus tart to say thanks :))IMG_7827

All dishes were joyously prepped, we cooked, prettied up the deck, drank water, watched the yachts fly past & the native birds sit close by.IMG_7818

When the guests arrive we greet keenly. Let the celebrations begin!IMG_7820

Gently & easily the drinks, the conversation & the laughter flow. Interesting, informative, globally enveloping….a stimulating mix of well travelled folk, a rich combination of cultures & stories combining at our table!IMG_7810

And with just a few little sojourns to the kitchen in amongst it all, the courses of seemingly endless temptation unfold.

At a table of foodies, received with relish, consumed with gusto, bathed in candlelight…the evening became a delicious occasion of mellow appreciation in so many ways.IMG_7821

Much later, after a quick whip around, & an appreciated helping hand from a couple of the guests, the kitchen & deck were back in order. Ready for happy, sated bodies to rest, recline & start the new day afresh.IMG_7826

Sadly, the next day, we jump on the big cat as we leave all this gorgeousness behind, & head for the long trip home….

Thankfully calmed by the pretty lacy canopy etched against the setting sun, I am once again lulled into submission & sustained by the memories of the journey.IMG_7840

What an amazing change from the everyday kitchen!  Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a couple of these experiences thrown into the mix every year? :))

Feeling very blessed….IMG_7846


  1. Sounds divine!!

    • Thanks my little sous chef…I was wishing you were with me. You would’ve loved the whole experience :)) Next year maybe…xx

  2. After never having eaten Sicilian food before I had no idea what I was in for…..
    Omg! what a blissful exotic journey for the taste buds that meal was!! Thankyou soooo much Roni, you are an amazing, talented and very gifted woman. I feel so blessed to have been a part of that evening xx

    • Hey Adie, thankyou so much for those delicious words :)) I am very glad you were part of that special table too!!! And stoked that you enjoyed the Sicilian tastes….love your work xxx

  3. Well written lovely lady 😉 felt like I was ready “eat , love, pray” again xx

    • Hey Thanks Kami…so grateful for your support, & that you are ready to “eat, pray, love” again :)) Love that Maggie Is. has inspired you in any way…it is gorgeous! Big love…xx

  4. Lovely to read one of your travel blogs again, it sounds like you had an amazing time. Truly blessed. xo

    • Oh thankyou presh…I’ve missed writing them too, & sharing with gorgeous appreciating folk :)) Yes, an amazing time was had by all…mmwwaahh!!

  5. Wow, looks and sounds fantastic. Lucky you, my favourite chef.

    • Thanks Jen, I am very lucky…& I wish we could all go up there. It is such a joy! hugs xxx

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